About Us

Join the Swims Away Ltd Swimming Family.

Our swim schools are suitable for children aged 6 months to 12 years old with links to local competitive swimming clubs. We also offer adult lessons.

There are eight levels, each designed to teach your child the basics of swimming, develop confidence and improve their technique.

– Learn to Swim Stage 1
– Learn to Swim Stage 2

– Learn to Swim Stage 3
– Learn to Swim Stage 4

– Learn to Swim Stage 5
– Learn to Swim Stage 6

– Learn to Swim Stage 7
– Learn to Swim Stage 8

From an early age we teach children to be comfortable and confident in the water as well as building important life skills such as strokes and techniques, entering and exiting the water safely, jumping in, floating and swimming underwater.

Children are grouped by ability rather than age so that they feel confident within their group.

We follow the Swim England scheme with levels 1 to 10. Children will receive these badges accordingly with distance badges alongside.

We have various venues around the Bolton area and your closest, most suitable venue will be discussed with you when you enquire.

Swim England have also released a new app for both Android and iOS to help track awards. Click the image below to learn more!